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Our Attorneys Have Achieved the Following Results


European Investment Bank

settlement for misclassified stock brokers


National Cable/Satellite Installation Company

settlement for cable installers who were not reimbursed for expenses and denied state mandated meal breaks and rest breaks


National Motel Chain

settlement for employees denied state mandated meal and rest breaks and required to pay check cashing fees

Articles By Our Attorneys

Starting a new business

Starting a new business

Starting a new business is always an exciting time but it can also be filled with anxiety. Whether you made the right decision or not is something for you to decide and most often, things will fall into place and your goals will...

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Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing For Bankruptcy

If a person is not able to pay back his dues then the creditors can claim for their payment in the legal court. As soon as the matter reaches the court, the involvement of the legal advisor has to be made. The legal advisor...

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Why Does Bankruptcy Happen?

Why Does Bankruptcy Happen?

There could be many reasons that can lead a firm or an individual to the steps of bankruptcy. The expensive medication, grocery, healthcare facility, high rate of power supply, and travel expenses have increased cost of living...

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