Truck Accident

What to Do in the Event of a Truck Accident 

Truck accidents can inflict fatal or long-term injuries that supersede the magnitude of car crashes. This is because trucks are heavier and can cause more damage from collisions. Every year, the accidents caused by truck drivers are mounting at alarming rates, especially since they ply at odd hours and high speeds on highways.

The injured party can sustain neck/back injuries, broken bones, lacerations, paralysis, seat belt injuries, and spinal cord trauma. Accidents of the sort can also lead to wrongful death. Such cases are complex and require the help of an attorney


When to Seek An Attorney 

Unlike car accidents, the responsibility can fall on either the trucker, trucking company, or a government-based entity (if the accident was caused by safety or structure-based road issues). While the severity of the injuries and the trauma will be hard to cope with, our team of lawyers can get the compensation that you and/or your family deserve. Hire our attorneys at the earliest convenience after the accident has occurred.